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We Accept Most Insurances Including:
MCNA Medicaid, Florida Healthy Kids and Argus Healthy Kids

We Accept Most Insurances Including:
MCNA Medicaid, Florida Healthy Kids and Argus Healthy Kids

Baby Teeth, Save or Extract?

Q: Why can’t we just pull it Doc? It’s only a baby tooth.

A: Maintaining optimum dental health for your children is more important now than ever before.

How many of you remember being taken to the dentist as a child a having a filling or tooth pulled without any anesthesia? How many of recall your dentist as a barbarian held you down while he worked on you? Those early childhood remembrances make everyone who has ever experienced them shudder.
You want to spare your child those experiences, right? Well that is exactly why you should take them to see what modern dentistry can offer. When we were kids there were limited options available. The science of dentistry has improved greatly and we now understand far more than we ever did before about baby teeth and why they are so important to your child’s growth and development.

Way back while your baby was in the womb and you were picking out names and nursery colors Mother Nature was busy building your babies bone and tooth structure. As humans, we essentially have two sets of teeth, primary or baby teeth and permanent teeth. Baby teeth are so important because they develop first and occupy the space that will be later filled by an adult tooth.

If these teeth become severely decayed and need to be removed prematurely the space is lost and the permanent tooth, in many cases, cannot take its place because there isn’t enough room. Once this has happened, orthodontics or braces may be required to assist in what Mother Nature used to do on her own. This can create a myriad of problems for your child as they grow and develop.

Maintaining the health of your child’s primary teeth will give you peace of mind while setting them up for a lifetime of good oral health.