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“Our Office is Under New Ownership. We are now Prime Children’s Dentistry”

“Our Office is Under New Ownership. We are now Prime Children’s Dentistry”

We Accept Most Insurances

Q: Doc, my child’s adult teeth are coming in crooked and she won’t smile anymore. What can you do?

A: Ask any child with less-than perfect teeth about teasing and nicknames, and you’ll no doubt hear a sad story. We hear them every day.

There is real substance to such a child’s social pain. Children with orthodontic problems are much more subject to bullying than their peers. We’ve all experienced the hostility of childhood epithets — its part of growing up.

Fortunately, there are many new types of orthodontic treatment available to correct “bad bites” and end the name calling.

Ask any kid today about braces and you’ll hear something completely different than you would expect. When told they will need some type of orthodontic treatment the response is “awesome” or “cool”.

Braces no longer carry the stigma of “metal mouth” that was common in years past. The advent of invisible braces, glow in the dark braces, white braces, and custom made retainers in a rainbow of colors and designs have all made the process of getting straight teeth an exciting rite of passage for most children.

With all of this new technology we are now able to begin orthodontic treatment earlier than ever before.

In most cases, this first phase of orthodontics can create space and plan so that there will be enough room for the permanent teeth. Often times it eliminates the need to remove permanent teeth. This makes the second and later phase of treatment much easier.